Organic Green Soma Cannabis Oil

Why Go Organic Marijuana?

Why go organic marijuana? Aren’t all cannabis oils created equal? Not exactly.


Did you know, bad quality cannabis oils are made from boiled crude by-products and industrial hemp waste material that were grown in toxic soil? As you can imagine, those oils are unfit for human consumption, especially for people with compromised immune systems. But the good news is, Green Soma hand-crafts every oil right here in California, using only the freshest, locally organic harvest available anywhere.


So the question is, how was the cannabis you’re thinking of buying grown? Well, it all starts with the quality of the plant and its growing conditions.

Things you should ask and know when buying cannabis oil.

Were the plants grown outside or in a greenhouse?  Green Soma grows plants outdoors in the coastal mountains of California.

Were they cultivated with organic fertilizer or chemicals? Green Soma grows plants using only organic methods.

How were the plants harvested and stored?  We properly harvest and store our plants using the best methods possible.

How long was the plant material stored before being processed?  We process our plants immediately after the harvest.

What kind of process was used in making the oil?  Green Soma only uses safe, pure, cold-pressed processing methods.

Was the plant material mainly stalks or were they high quality buds and flowers?  Green Soma uses the highest quality buds and flowers!

Did it originate from hemp plants, or high quality marijuana plants?  Green Soma makes its oils from the highest quality organic marijuana plants.

How was the oil produced: by boiling it, or by cold press? Green Soma uses only cold press production methods.


As you can see, Green Soma maintains the highest standard of production methods throughout the entire seed to sale process. In fact, we have our products tested at third party labs to ensure they are pure and accurate.


We’re proud to say that our staff comprises lifetimes of experience in cannabis cultivation from seed to final product, which is why we can guarantee you their high quality and 100% purity.


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