GREEN SOMA Cannabis Oil _Serving Size

Cannabis Oil Serving Size

Serving Size please. Let’s find out what a serving size of cannabis oil is. Cannabis oil is a very accurate way to take marijuana, and yet people experience it differently. The right dosage depends on the individual and condition being treated. One really good thing about cannabis oil is you can precisely choose the level of euphoria, or “high”, you want. Some people want loads of raw […]

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Pure Soma CBDa Oil - CBD Cannabis Oil CBD Breast Cancer Awareness

Marijuana reduces breast cancer: National Cancer Institute evidence

We were all pleasantly surprised a few weeks ago when the The National Cancer Institute (NCI) made an important announcement about marijuana. (The NCI is the federal government’s principal agency for cancer research and training.) It recently published what it accepts as the currently known benefits of marijuana – including benefits for breast cancer. Here is a summary […]

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Green Soma Pure Marijuana Cannabis Oils

Patients Replace Prescription Drugs With Cannabis

Patients Replace Prescription Drugs With Cannabis — We’re entering a new era of health in which patients with legal access to medical marijuana are reducing their dependence on conventional pharmaceuticals. This is according to a demographic review of patient characteristics published online in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. One way is to replace prescriptions drugs with pure marijuana oils. […]

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