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Green Soma is a California Medical Marijuana non-profit cooperative that is devoted to providing pure cannabis oil products to our patients.  We believe in providing pure, safe, discreet, and affordable access to medical marijuana for all of the patients in our cooperative. Values matter to us which is why we’re part of a greater consciousness movement that’s bigger than cannabis. We are a small, fully self-sustained operation from seed to sale.


Our specialty is organic whole plant extracts derived from the highest quality locally grown California marijuana plants.  We use special cold-processed extraction technology that enables us to create pure, highly concentrated oils with the finest precision. What that means is, we preserve all of the natural healing ingredients of each plant, then test and measure for absolute dosage accuracy.


We produce directly from lab to patient so our products are all carefully handcrafted, fresh and affordably priced. New patients sign up by going to the Create An Account tab at the top menu.  Or, you can click the green button below. Once approved, you can begin ordering online.


To learn more about Green Soma, discover our blog, browse our website or follow us on twitter @greensomanews.

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