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What is Raw Marijuana Oil?

Raw marijuana. Most people know that cold-pressed juices and olive oils are of superior quality because of the way their natural plant food ingredients are protected and preserved. “Cold-processed”, also called supercritical extraction, is similar to cold-pressed in that it is produced with a high pressure, closed-looped system with which raw marijuana oil is extracted from the plant without heating it.  This is how we process Green Soma pure raw marijuana oils.


Unfortunately, most of our competitors do heat the oil during extraction because it’s faster, cheaper and easier. This results in the loss of essential health constituents like CBDs and terpenes (see below), and also results in an oil that is flat.  Some companies inexplicably add terpenes back into their oils after cooking it out of them, others use heat to extract oil from industrial hemp waste and sell it online. Neither process results in a high quality product.


Here at Green Soma we prefer the more challenging method, known as supercritical extraction because it keeps the plant’s natural components intact, resulting in the highest quality oils and extracts.  During this process pure frozen organic raw marijuana passes through a series of high pressure stainless steel containers as pure solvents gently extract the oils from the raw marijuana.  This method of oil refinery is risk intense but results in superior products. Then our team of clinical herbalists, scientific healers and nutritionists integrate this pure, raw cannabis oil into a dazzling array of highest-quality dietary products that promote good health and wellness.


Whether you use it medicinally, recreationally, or both, cold-processed oil is where you want your marijuana journey to begin.


Raw marijuana – less “high”

If you wish to use cannabis for medicinal purposes only, cold-pressed marijuana oil is the way to go. Ingesting raw unheated cannabis does not get you high, and many medicinal marijuana users prefer it for that reason.  More importantly, raw marijuana (cannabis) contains a multitude of beneficial healthy ingredients not found in heated marijuana including CBDa (cannabinoids), THCa and terpenes (see below).  We produce them as pure oil capsules and as BHO oil for dabbing.  These raw extracts hold great promise medicinally, and have been rarely available until now. You can find our cold-processed raw pure oil capsules here and BHO oil for dabbing here.


What are terpenes?

Terpenes, which are found in the crystals you see on a flowering marijuana plant, are the aromatic compounds in cannabis which interact synergistically with CBDs (cannabinoids).  This synergistic effect provides a wide range of body and health benefits including anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, analgesic, and more. This synergy between cbds and terpenes is called the “entourage effect”.  You might say that cannabis oil production is the art of combining these wonderful natural compounds for maximum effectiveness.  Cold-processing the oils is essential in preserving the terpenes.  To receive the full benefits from terpenes they need to be ingested raw or vaporized– you cannot get the beneficial effects of these tasty terpenes by smoking them in a joint or a pipe since the high temperature instantly incinerates them.  Although smoking oil this way does produce a rush, you lose terpine benefits just as you would lose the health benefits of vegetables by scorching them over high heat. Subjecting cannabis to high temperatures also produces toxic by-products, which explains the growing popularity of oils and also vaporizing.


Heated (decarb) “activated” more “high”

Of course, some folks using marijuana still want to experience a high.  When CBDa and THCa ingredients are heated, they produce THC and CBD and you can experience the “high” from these heated components (which is why people smoke marijuana).  The process of heating the CBDa and THCa ingredients is called decarboxylation, or decarb for short.  It’s also referred to as being activated.  There are ways to take cannabis without smoking and still enjoy the benefits of decarb.  For instance, you can ingest or vaporize properly decarbed cannabis and get the full psychoactive effect (that is, you can get high). The complex process of decarbing is one of our specialities, and it all starts with cold-processed oils.  You can find our “decarbed” oil, THC and CBD products here.


Whether you’re using it medicinaly or recreationaly, raw marijuana oil made from cold-processed oil extraction is sure to give you the best experience possible. If you’d like to explore this topic further, here’s a page with even more details s about cannabis oil production.  Here at Green Soma we love hearing from you, so please feel free to contact us anytime with your questions or feedback!



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