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Marijuana reduces breast cancer: National Cancer Institute evidence

We were all pleasantly surprised a few weeks ago when the The National Cancer Institute (NCI) made an important announcement about marijuana. (The NCI is the federal government’s principal agency for cancer research and training.) It recently published what it accepts as the currently known benefits of marijuana – including benefits for breast cancer. Here is a summary […]

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Patients Replace Prescription Drugs With Cannabis

Patients Replace Prescription Drugs With Cannabis — We’re entering a new era of health in which patients with legal access to medical marijuana are reducing their dependence on conventional pharmaceuticals. This is according to a demographic review of patient characteristics published online in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. One way is to replace prescriptions drugs with pure marijuana oils. […]

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What is Raw Marijuana Oil?

Raw marijuana. Most people know that cold-pressed juices and olive oils are of superior quality because of the way their natural plant food ingredients are protected and preserved. “Cold-processed”, also called supercritical extraction, is similar to cold-pressed in that it is produced with a high pressure, closed-looped system with which raw marijuana oil is extracted from the plant without heating […]

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Does Marijuana help Weight loss and Diabetes? New study shows benefits

Does marijuana help weight loss and diabetes?  NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – In a new study, people who had used marijuana in the past month had smaller waists and lower levels of insulin resistance – a diabetes precursor, compared to those hadn’t used marijuana. Dr. Murray Mittleman, at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston said, “It […]

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When Weed is the Cure: A Doctor’s Case for Medical Marijuana

July 14th, 2015 — Mainstream radio takes a closer look at Medical Marijuana.  NPR host Terry Gross interviews leading Medical Marijuana expert, Dr. David Casarett, on this episode of Fresh Air.  A year and a half ago, Dr. Casarett did not take medical marijuana very seriously, but after researching for his new book “Stoned”, he found a case for […]

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