Green Soma Raw Cannabis Oil scoop with capsules

6 Big Reasons to Use Raw Marijuana Oils

Here are six big reasons to use RAW MARIJUANA oils. Whether you’re managing an illness, or looking to optimize a better body, here’s a half dozen reasons you should try raw marijuana oils. 1. Marijuana oils are super easy to take, and take with you. Lose that cloud of weed smoke and take you medicine without announcing it to the […]

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When Weed is the Cure: A Doctor’s Case for Medical Marijuana

July 14th, 2015 — Mainstream radio takes a closer look at Medical Marijuana.  NPR host Terry Gross interviews leading Medical Marijuana expert, Dr. David Casarett, on this episode of Fresh Air.  A year and a half ago, Dr. Casarett did not take medical marijuana very seriously, but after researching for his new book “Stoned”, he found a case for […]

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